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Safintra roll-forms steel roofing sheets in a wide variety of profiles which fulfil the most innovative design demands and challenging structural requirements.


As one of Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of world-class metal roof sheeting, Safintra manufactures a range of roof profiles which are branded and therefore carry our quality assurance in both profiling and material.  

  • Safintra manufactures the prestigious Saflok® concealed fix profile, available in two cover widths (700mm and 410mm) for differing wind conditions. Saflok can be rolled on the building site in continuous lengths of up to 120m for optimum performance.
  • Safintra’s prestige pierced fix sheet profiles include Classicorr Corrugated®, Tufdek IBR®, Widedek®, Maxcover®, Covermax®, Trimflute®, Industrial 5 and 7®, IT (Industrial Trough) 4 and 5, EGA 300, 400 and 500.
  • Safintra also forms sheeting into prestigious tile profiles which have the benefits of steel sheets and the appearance of tile.  Tile-profiled sheets are strong yet light weight, so the supporting structure can be lighter than normal, making it very economical. They are also quicker to install than tiles, saving money on installation time.  Profiles are registered, and unique to Safintra, including pre-painted Versatile®, Romantile®, Elegantile®, Zentile®, Orientile® and Mandarintile®, plus Lifestile® stone coated tiles.
  • Safintra manufactures and sells a range of economy roof sheets for the home-builder.  All sheets are branded as Safintra’s mark of quality, giving its customers peace of mind that the products they are buying are the exact quality and specifications we promise.  Our brands include Dumuzas®, Durazas®, Resincot®, Colorzas, Supa Roof®, Rhino®, Lion® and Simba®.
  • All sheets are available in even the smallest quantities and sheets can be cut to exactly the length you require.  

All profiles are complemented by a range of roofing flashings for standard and customised applications.

In East Africa, Mabati Rolling Mills is the sole licensee for MiTek steel trusses and structural systems (through MiTek South Africa), and Safintra South Africa is the sole Southern African licensee for the Metsec system of lightweight steel sections for purlins, girts and mezzanine floors.

As part of a complete roofing solution, Safintra manufacturers cold formed steel sections.

Safintra also sells quality assured fasteners and a range of polycarbonate sheet products for natural lighting

We offer specialist technical support services to our customers. Please enquire at your local office.

For a full list of our products, and the countries in which they are manufactured and / or sold, please refer to the product chart.


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